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Velvet Underground - The Psychopath´s Rolling Stones

A lot of the Velvet Underground fans are saying this is the one VU bootleg to get if I had to get just one.
"The Psychopath's Rolling Stones" is just as odds-n-ends as those excellent "Ultra Rare Trax" CDs and even as random as the official "Peel Slowly and See" box set itself, but it has got some incredible numbers & versions I've never heard elsewhere.
Let's start with the definitive live version of "Run Run Run" -- for me, the most underrated Velvets song of all time and one that's easily in my Top 5 along with the other ones we all love. This one's a long version from February 8th, 1969 in New Hampshire, and as the back cover says, "features some remarkable guitar work.
The solos (Reed's?) are just blistering -- the song is transformed into the latter 2/3rds of "European Son" while still maintaining its bounce and chugga-chugga drive.
Also revelatory is the demo version of "Chelsea Girl" recorded in those famous hotel sessions, just Lou and Nico and a beat-up old tape deck. That's my favorite song on her first record, and this version's better.
Other hotties of note are a fire-breathing Cleveland 1967 "Guess I'm Falling In Love" (with vocals and another killer solo) and the 1966 tin pan alley studio outtake "Sheltered Life".
And what 70s-era bootleg wouldn't be complete without a hidden track not by the featured artist? This one's got one and a half: a warbling, half-insane live version of Nico doing "The End", and a choogling 1920s-era jump blues called "Bootleggin' Blues" from someone certainly not from the lower east side.
This collection is heavy on the first two VU records, so if the rough, sodom-and-gomorrah Velvets are your thing and you're pretty sure Yule's a fool, this digital platter of scorching obscurities is your ticket to hog heaven.
1. Star Spangled Banner (2:06)
2. White Light/White Heat (4:33)
3. I'm Waiting For My Man (4:07)
4. All Tomorrow's Parties (5:14)
5. Run Run Run (8:48)
6. Guess I'm Falling In Love (4:11)
7. Venus In Furs (5:02)
8. Black Angel's Death Song (2:53)
9. I Can't Stand It (8:01)
10. Sheltered Life (2:51)
11. Vernissage (0:58)
12. Real Good Time Together (2:34)
13. Chelsea Girl (3:12)
14. Pale Blue Eyes (5:59)
15. I'll Be Your Mirror (2:37)
16. The End (8:06)
17. "Bootlegging The Bootleggers"

1 : listed as "unreleased track, shortlisted as the intro to the 1993 concerts but later rejected" / 2, 3 : Max's Kansas City, Summer 1970 / 4 : Valleydale Ballroom, November 4,1966 / 5 : Hilltop Festival, August 2, 1969 / 6 : Gymnasium, April 1967 / 7 : End Of Cole Ave, October 18, 1969 / 8, 15 : Bataclan, January 29, 1972 / 9 : The Matrix, late November - early December 1969 (pirated from official 1969 Live) / 10 : Ludlow street loft demo, early 1967 / 11 : radio ad for third LP / 12 : demo, late 1969 / 13. Nico & Joe Bidewell, BBC TV program on Chelsea Hotel, 1981 / 14. End Of Cole Ave, October 19, 1969 / 16 : Nico, live / 17 : not a VU-related track.

(192 kbps, cover included)

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Supersonic75 hat gesagt…

Nice. Thanks!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Danke! Great collection of rare VU tracks. I was in a band in the '80s that used to cover "I Can't Stand It", & it was always fun to play! Very interesting blog!

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Best wishes!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Haha! I thought THE ROLLING STONES were the psychopath's Rolling Stones! Thanks! - Stinky

Ansina hat gesagt…

Thanks! The last track is Bootleggin' Ain't Good No More, by Blind Teddy Darby.

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