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Mekanik Destrüktiw Komandöh – Live! Die Kriegserklärung (1982)

"Live! Die Kriegserklärung" ("Live! Declaration of war") is a rare live recordings from the West-Berlin Punk & Avantgarde scene. "Mekanik Destrüktiw Komandöh" was an interesting project between punk, industrail and avantgarde. Alexander Hacke played in the weirdest projects and became famous with Einstürzende Neubauten.

Review from RateYourMusic:
"Babies von heute sind die Soldaten von morgen" ("Today's babies are tomorrow's soldiers").
Lots of overlap on this live album with the first "Weg zum Frieden" tape. The A-side was recorded in the Kant-Kino in June 1980 and is a bit more polished, the B-side was recorded in the SO 36 a month earlier, and the sound quality is much rougher. Which is a pity, as the band seems in a great form there – its incredibly intense, theatrical, dark punk with occasional jazz notes and loads of atmosphere, and it grooves like hell on tracks like "Babies von heute". Of course, if you don't speak German, you'll miss half the fun, as Volker Hauptvogel's lyrics are just as good as the music.

Side A · Live at Kant-Kino, Berlin
01. Banane/Zitrone (1:52)
02. Rhythmus der Musik (3:40)
03. Rohe Gewalt (2:23)
04. Das Mörderlied (5.23)
05. Die Superbraut (3:18)
06. Kreuzberg 36 (1:02)

Side B · Live at SO36, Berlin
01. Kleine Mädchen (1:48)
02. Das Friedenslied (4:50)
03. Babies von Heute (2:15)
04. Falsche Freunde (2:30)
05. Liebeslied (3:07)
06. Propaganda durch die Tat (2:29)
07. Spaß muß sein (3:49)
Total Time: 38:06

Volker Hauptvogel: vocals
Alexander Hacke: guitar
Edgar Domin: bass
Uli Radtke: drums
Stefan Schwietzke: sax
(ca. 256 kbps, cover art included)

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