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Matching Mole - March (Live, 1972)

Matching Mole was the band that drummer/vocalist Robert Wyatt formed after he left the pioneering UK outfit Soft Machine in July, 1971. Over the course of its brief, one-year existence, Matching Mole would develop a characteristic sound, a unique take on fusion, with interesting structures that encouraged individualistic expression through solos. When one of the members came across a forgotten live show on tape - identified simply as 'March, 1972' - , it was released it on the same titeld album.

Recorded live in Europe 3/72, shortly after Dave MacRae became the keyboardist, this includes the basic repertoire that the band would perform during their lifetime, with a few surprises thrown in. The sound is surprisingly superb for a live show of this vintage, and once again Tom Recchion has come up with a charming cover.


2Instant Pussy4:53
3Smoke Signals6:24
4Part Of The Dance9:50
5No 'Alf Measures5:40
6Lything And Gracing11:39
7Waterloo Lily4:20

Matching Mole - March (Live, 1972)
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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Leo Rattans hat gesagt…

The Robert Wyatt quote in the booklet warms my heart (and sheds light on the nature of this band).
Thank you for posting.

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