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Tyrannosaurus Rex‎ - For The Lion And The Unicorn In The Oak Forests Of Faun

Its abysmal sound quality notwithstanding, "For the Lion and the Unicorn" is one of the earliest known live recordings of Tyrannosaurus Rex and, as such, stands among the most precious artifacts in the entire Marc Bolan catalog. One of the first shows to feature Bolan stepping out with an electric guitar, it sees the group already poised for the transition that would, a couple of years later, take the entire country by surprise. But still it captures precisely the same mystic magic that the duo was already renowned for, a world of elves and unicorns, Afghan women and Abyssinian seas, and Bolan's inimitable grasp of life through lyrics set to a churning sea of half-electric rumination.

Certainly the live appeal of the duo is not hard to see, even if it is a little difficult to discern - the sound quality is akin to standing outside the hall with a tin can pressed to the fire escape, and some of the subtler nuances of the music are certainly lost in the translation. But a powerful set drawing from all three Tyrannosaurus Rex LPs to date highlights the glory that was theirs for the taking, and if a better quality tape ever turns up, it would be the rival of any other live Bolan out there.      


1-1Unicorn / Hot Rod Mama3:32
1-2Afghan Woman1:49
1-4Mustang Ford3:01
1-5Stacey Grove2:04
1-6Salamanda Palaganda2:16
1-7Wind Quartets2:59
1-8One Inch Rock2:18
1-9Chariots Of Silk2:43
1-10Seal Of Seasons1:57
1-12Nijinsky Hind2:21
1-13Once Upon The Seas Of Abyssinia2:21
1-14Interstellar Overdrive0:28
1-15Do You Remember3:35
1-16The Wizard4:02
1-17Eastern Spell1:58
1-18Strange Orchestras2:12
1-19Misty Coast Of Albany2:45
1-20Evenings Of Damask2:27
1-21Pewter Suitor3:16
1-22Travelling Tragition1:49

Tracks 1 to 16 recorded at The Lyceum, London on 11.4.69; 17 & 18 at Broendby Club, Copenhagen in 1969; 19 at Café Au Gogo, New York on 16.8.69; and 20-22 at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on 13.1.69.          

Tyrannosaurus Rex‎ - For The Lion And The Unicorn In The Oak Forests Of Faun 
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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