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Miriam Makeba - Welela (1989)

A child of apartheid, and an artist who was forced to live in exile, Miriam Makeba has endured decades of struggle, witnessing the ravages of racism and intolerance all her life. However, her music is uplifting and celebratory. Makeba was once quoted as saying, "I'm only happy when I sing."

Clearly, this joy comes across on WELELA, which is influenced by the popular music of Makeba's homeland. "Pata Pata (Touch Touch)" is an exultant tune about dancing, while "A Luta Continua" is a song of resilience that is dedicated to the people of Mozambique.

However, the most moving song here is "Soweto Blues," which recounts the events of June 16th, 1976, when children in the eponymous township decided to protest oppression and apartheid. Their opposition was called a riot, and sparked a government massacre that killed 600. A funky groove complements Makeba's strong, passionate voice on this song, and the lyric, incredibly, retains an air of hope despite the distressing subject matter.                

The album was mixed at Condulmer Recording Studios in Venice, Italy by Allan Goldberg of Phonocomp in 1989, except for "Pata Pata" which was mixed at Psycho Studio in Milan.


A1 Amampondo
A2 African Sunset
A3 Djiu De Galinha
A4 A Luta Continua
A5 Soweto Blues
B1 Welela
B2 Hapo Zamini
B3 Pata Pata
B4 Saduva
B5 Africa

Miriam Makeba - Welela (1989)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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