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Raoul Journo - Jewish-Arab Song Treasures

Since 2006, Buda Musique in Paris is re-releasing a series of albums in the series "Trésors de la Chanson Juéo-Arabe" ("Treasures of Jewish-Arab song"). These albums are featurening recordings by popular Jewish singers from Tunisia and Algeria, such as Raoul Journo, Line Monty, René Perez, Reinette l´Oranaise, Alice Fitoussi and Blond-Blond.

This culture has left a deep mark on the soul of the Maghreb Jews. It still resounds in the hearts and uprooted souls of Israel s immigrants; it rings in their music, their songs, their folklore, and their rituals, with a feeling of homesickness. The culture is that which Jews and Muslims shared, nurtured, practiced, and sustained together for over ten centuries. Most Jewish-Arab singers were born in the Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia), and many of them lived in France, in decors evoking the 1930s 60s: the years of all creative daring.           

They all cultivate flowers of rhetoric that draw their essence and fragrance from the blessed times of Andalucia, the nerve centre of the Mediterranean cultural ferment where Jews, Christians and Muslims respected and fraternised with one another.

Journo, Raoul - Orkos Ya Rakassa5:16
Journo, Raoul - Ya Samra3:47
Journo, Raoul - Tal Elouahch5:57
Journo, Raoul - Targuiya4:05
Journo, Raoul - Forguet Lahbab5:57
Journo, Raoul - Ana Ettargui5:39
Journo, Raoul - Aala Khadek Bousset Khal5:37
Journo, Raoul - Maktoub4:56
Journo, Raoul - B'nat Essahra5:44
Journo, Raoul - Khallouni eih3:06
Journo, Raoul - Ya Mahfel Ritouche Khdija5:14
Journo, Raoul - Salma4:29
Journo, Raoul - Alache Kalbi5:45
Journo, Raoul - Ya Nass Elfarah6:21

Raoul Journo - Jewish-Arab Song Treasures
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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