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VA - Calypso Pioneers - 1912-1937

This anthology is devoted to classic calypso and presents 16 formative songs from 1912-1937.

The music is still emerging from a confluence of American dance band sounds, African and Afro-Latin rhythms, plus Caribbean social situations and influences.

As carnival became an entrenched celebration within the Caribbean community, the songs composed to be performed during that time came to be known as calypso.

The anthology includes early performances by such calypso heroes as Atilla The Hun, Wilmouth Houdini, Phil Madison, Julian Whiterose and Sam Manning. Vocal styles, instrumental backing, lyrics, arrangements and production are quite unsophisticated and uneven on the early cuts, but a sound and unified approach began to appear in the middle section and is quite evident by the final numbers.


A1 –Lovey's Band* Mango Vert
A2 –Belasco's Band* Germaine
A3 –Julian Whiterose Iron Duke In The Land
A4 –Monrose's String Orchestra* Old Lady, Old Lady
A5 –Phil Madison Caroni Swamp
A6 –Merrick's Orchestra Married To You
A7 –Sam Manning Sly Mongoose
A8 –Wilmoth Houdini Caroline
B1 –Belasco's Orchestra* Caroline
B2 –Sam Manning Lieutenant Julian
B3 –Gerald Clark & His Night Owls* Carmelita
B4 –Bill Rogers * West Indian Weed
B5 –Wilmoth Houdini War Declaration
B6 –The Executer* My Reply To Houdini
B7 –Atilla The Hun Graf Zeppelin
B8 –Keskidee Trio Congo Barra

Calypso Pioneers - 1912-1937 
(192 kbps, front & back cover included)

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