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Charles Bukowski - Hostage (1980)

This album was recorded live during a reading of Charles Bukowski at The Sweetwater, Redondo Beach, CA, April 1980. "Hostage" has to be one of the rowdiest poetry records ever released, which makes sense considering how drunk Bukowski plainly is. The drink never gets in the way of his delivery, the tough, beautiful lines and moronically macho ones always landing on target, on cue. Bukowski delivers odes to dead Roman poets, lands a few good jokes, and - most crucially - offers up a few Raymond Carver-esque glimpses straight into the human soul. No document showcases Bukowski's radiant humor and occasional grace as succinctly as this intoxicating disc.

Recorded at the height of his fame, both as a published poet and as a performer, "Hostage" is a wonderful document of what a reading might of sounded like.
Here's a snippet from the original liner notes:
In Los Angeles especially, his poetry readings became parties themselves, with "poet and audience both drunk." As you'll hear on this album, fans and poet come to these readings prepared to compete. "Is there anybody tough enough here to try me?" Bukowski taunts the crowd. "try some shit, do some anger."

Charles Bukowksi - Hostage
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Cri hat gesagt…

Bukowski is an interesting bur also choatic person/writer.
Any chances for a re-up?

zero hat gesagt…

Now it is re-freshed. Best wishes!

Bob Mac hat gesagt…

This should be fun...many thanks.

zero hat gesagt…

Hope it is... all the best!

Cri hat gesagt…

Danke schön!

zero hat gesagt…

You are welcome!

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