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Dario Domingues - The End Of The Yahgans Journey (1981)

Dario Domingues, flautist, singer, and percussionist, was born in 1954, in the Patagonia region of Argentina. At the age of eighteen he began learning the traditional wind instruments of the highlands of South America, mastering the kena, a seven holed bamboo flute of ancient origins, played by the Quechuas, Aymaros, Incas and other Indian cultures.

After participating in several groups in Argentina and Mexico, performing traditional Latin American music, he moved to Canada in 1977 where he continued his career and began work as a composer. Although Dario's music was inspired by traditional rhythms and melodies, it showed a progression towards a more contemporary sound spectrum. His live performances and recordings included a large variety of African, Asian and self-made instruments which infused his music with a uniquely personal and original artistic expression. Since 1980 Dario toured Europe annually, giving concerts throughout Gennany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, Poland and Italy. He also performed in the U.S.A. and Japan. His first solo LP "The End Of Yaghan's Journey" released in Europe in 1981, won the Gennan Critics Choice Award in 1982 while the second album "Exodus South Of Rio Grande", released in 1983, was nominated " Album of the Year" in the contemporary folk category , together with Keith Jarrett in jazz, and Joe Cocker in rock.

Dario also composed music for several documentary films made in Canada, constantly exploring as he combined South American rhythms and original melodies with a range of exotic acoustic and electronic instruments.

Dario passed away in April 2000 at age 46. He'll be sadly missed

The Night Of San Juan (Johannisnacht)4:00
Azul Limay (Blauer Limay)5:57
Teotihuacan (Straße Des Todes)4:05
Cuando Llora La Tierra (Wenn Die Erde Weint)4:47
El Guillatun (Der Guillatun)3:00
The Source Of All Waters (Die Quelle Aller Wasser)7:05
Plantida De Aleli (Kleiner Levkojenstrauch)2:45
Children Of The World Come To Dance (Ihr Kinder Dieser Welt Kommt Und Tanzt)3:32
Wind Of The Andes (Wind Der Anden)2:45
The End Of The Yahgan's Journey (Die Reise Der Yangan Ist Zu Ende)5:30

Dario Domingues - The End Of The Yahgans Journey (1981)
(256 kbps, front cover included)

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