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Tradition & Protest - The Great American Folk Revival

From the liner notes:

"Of the various artists active in the American folk song revival which began in the late thrties, some were politically motivated and spread their mainly left-wing message through their music, others were active in many different varieties of music and just saw the movement as being another string to their bow. (...)

The American folk song revival embraced artists of different backgrounds and musical persuasions who, for a few years anyway, were united together as brothers with a common cause."

Here´s a fine compilation collecting tunes by Woody Guthrie, Pete Seegr, Leadbelly, Josh Wite, Cisco Houston, The Almanac Singers and Sonny Terry.

1.: Pastures Of Plenty - Guthrie, Woody
2.: All I Want - Seeger, Pete & The Almanac Singers
3.: Silicosis Is Killin' Me - White, Josh
4.: Boll Weevil - Leadbelly
5.: Liza Jane - Seeger, Pete & Woody Guthrie/Leadbelly
6.: House Of The Rising Sun - Guthrie, Woody
7.: Sinking Of The Reuben James - Seeger, Pete & The Almanac Singers
8.: Where Did You Sleep Last Night - Leadbelly
9.: Cindy - Seeger, Pete & Woody Guthrie/Cisco Houston
10.: Grand Coulee Dam - Guthrie, Woody
11.: John Hardy - Leadbelly
12.: I Don't Care Where Dey Bury My Body - White, Josh
13.: Talking Union - Seeger, Pete
14.: Pretty Flowers - Leadbelly & Josh White
15.: Gypsy Davy - Guthrie, Woody
16.: Teroo Teroo - Seeger, Pete
17.: When The Boys Were Out On The Western Plains - Leadbelly
18.: Pick A Bale Of Cotton - Leadbelly & The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet
19.: New York Town - Guthrie, Woody & Cisco Houston
20.: You Shall Be Free - Guthrie, Woody/Cisco Houston/Sonny Terry
21.: Dear Mr President - Seeger, Pete
22.: Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase - Seeger, Pete
23.: Talking Dust Bowl Blues - Guthrie, Woody
24.: Bring Me Lil Water Silvie - Leadbelly
25.: Dusty Old Dust (So Long It's Been Good To Know You) - Guthrie, Woody
26.: Irene (Goodnight Irene) - Leadbelly

Tradition & Protest - The Great American Folk Revival
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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Hi zero, track 1-3 are somewhat mixed in between, with sudden changes, not separated song by song. Is it possible to correct this?
Nevertheless many thanks for this great blog with a lot of forgotten treasures, please continue ...

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