Freitag, 2. November 2018

Die Regierung - So drauf

“So drauf” was the third release by Die Regierung and, with its uniformity and variation, in conjunction with musical maturity, it surpasses any initial ambitious expectations. The clear-cut production enhances the unique, very tangible charisma of this record that can best be described as neo-folk and new German singer/songwriter rock.

“So drauf” hits the listener straight in the ear and heart: "Ich glaub, ich will Dich lieber loswerden!" ("I think I get better rid of you!"). Security in insecurity, clear-headedness in dreaminess, love is sorrow. P
This is personal, romantic realistic rock music with German lyrics and an idiom of its own. That is what some highbrow newspaper would probably write in its review.

We voted for this Regierung (which equates to “The Government” in English). A classic!

1Da draußen3:40
2Dieses Zimmer4:09
3So drauf3:52
4Lange nicht mehr da2:39
5Komm zusammen3:47
6Es ist hier3:34
7Du hast 'ne Welt1:45
9Ich lieb Dich später2:55
10Frau aufm Flur3:46
11Ich erinner mich3:58
12Wir kommen5:37
13So drauf (Lebenslangdraufmix)11:24

Die Regierung - So drauf
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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