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VA - México Chile Solidaridad (1974)

The album "México Chile Solidaridad " was released in Mexico in solidarity with the people of Chile after the military coup of 1973. Los Folklorists, Oscar Chavez, Amparo Ochoa, Salvador Ojeda and Guadalupe Trigo, among others sing songs dedicated to the people of Chile. Remarkable is the wonderful version of "Al Centro De La Injusticia" (written by Isabel and Violeta Parra) by the unforgettable Amparo Ochoa. And the first track of this album documents Salvador Allende's own voice uttering his last speech facing the military coup.

On the back cover of the album we can read this prophetic text:
"The National Committee of Solidarity and Support to Chile greets fellow artists through the songs recorded on this record, they express their solidarity with the struggle of the Chilean people.
Now more than ever it is worth considering that the triumph of the Chilean people depends much of the future of freedom in Latin America. Therefore it is urgent to increase international pressure aimed at isolating the fascist junta, and redouble efforts to support civil resistance inside Chile, fight against fascism, and seek restoration of democratic order that will allow the continuation of political struggle and the building of a new society "


Side A:
1. Ultimo mensaje del presidente Allende (11 sep. 1973)
2. A Salvador Allende / Oscar Chavez
3. La tarde nublada / Conjunto Peña Movil
4. Compañero Salvador / Margarita y Anthar
5. Al centro de la injusticia / Amparo Ochoa

Side B:
1. Plegaria del labrador / Los Folkloristas
2. En lota la noche es brava / Salvador Ojeda
3. Canto a Neruda / Guadalupe Trigo
4. Que dira el santo padre / Conjunto Icnocuicatl
5. Cuanto nos ha dolido / Julio Solorzano
6. Canta Sta. Ma. Iquique cancion final / Conjunto Tupac

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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