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Floh De Cologne - Geyer-Symphonie (Ohr, 1974)

Floh de Cologne were formed in 1966 as a political and anarchic collective of students from the University of Cologne. They disbanded in 1983.

Their albums contain provocative and humorous sketches about political and social facts. Musically their style can be considered as a mixture between avant-folk, sound experimentations, free rock and narratives. Recorded in 1973, "Geier-Symphonie" punctuates Floh de Cologne's original style to demonstrative, semi theatrical and symphonic rock attacks. The album caught the band in great shape, this time merging all their previously known styles into an outrageous rock symphony that has to be heard to be believed! But beware, this is hardly easy listening!
The original speeches were recorded at the funeral service for Friedrich Flick, 28th of July, 1972 at 10:30 a.m. at the Robert-Schumann-Saal, Düsseldorf, Ehrenhof 4a.


01. 1. Satz: La Grande Tristesse (Requiem)  7:10
02. 2. Satz: Danse Macabre (Totentanz)  13:02
03. 3. Satz: Sérénade Des Vautours (Leichenschmaus)  23.:30

Floh De Cologne - Geyer-Symphonie (Ohr, 1974)
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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