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Ernst Busch - The Moscow Recordings - Four Shellacs (1936, Gramplasttrest)

Originally posted in July 2014:

Today we had a very informative event: Jürgen Schebera, who wrote wonderful biographies about Hanns Eisler and Kurt Weill, gave a lecture about Ernst Busch´s exile in Moscow, his cooperation with Hans Hauska and the German exile music scene in these days. He played these recordings which will be officially released in 2015 together with other Ernst Busch recordings from his exile years.

The following text is from April, 2012:

A few weeks ago a friendly reader of this blog shared some rare Ernst Busch recordings with us. He saved the recordings from some russian sites and put them together in one file. Thanks a lot for your work!!!

Ernst Busch recorded these songs between 1935 and 1936 during his exile in Moscow. They were released on four shellac singles on the Gramplasttrest label.


1. Einheitsfrontlied - Die Moorsoldaten

2. Kominternlied - Thälmann-Lied (Für den Kameraden Thälmann: Hoch die Faust!) (1934)

3. Bandera roja - UHP

4. Alabama-Song - Ballade von den Säckeschmeißern

Ernst Busch - Four Shellacs (1936, Gramplasttrest)
(320 kbps, scans of the labels included)

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Many thanks for this Зрнст Буш compilation!

zero hat gesagt…

You are welcome!

Fabian W. hat gesagt…

Could you re-up? Thank you so much for your work!

zero hat gesagt…

Now there´s a fresh link. Best wishes!

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Hallo! Können wir eine Blogging-Partnerschaft eingehen? Ich lege deinen Blog in meinen und du machst das gleiche mit meinem Blog hier. OK? Vielen Dank.

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Nelly hat gesagt…

Hello, Could you provide me with the name and reference of the disc released in 2015? Many thanks!!

zero hat gesagt…

You find some information about the mentined album via this link:

All the best!

Nelly hat gesagt…

Thanks very much!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Oops, I just checked the very interesting disc you mentioned (and I will buy it!), but the songs from your post are not included in the CD! Could you re-up the link? Thanks again!!!

zero hat gesagt…

You are right. It looks like the mentionend album was never published. More infos about it in german language:
(page 6 & 7).

Now there´s a fresh link.

Nelly hat gesagt…

Thanks again so much! Got it.

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You are welcome!

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