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Mythen in Tüten - Die neue Kollektion! (1981)

Mythen in Tüten came from Hannover, where the band around the charismatic singer Emilio Winschetti was established in 1979. Also Lutz Worat (keyboards), Ingo Erlhoff (saxophone) and Rüdiger Klose (drums) formed the core of the band. 

The group operated music with the term Meta-Schlager and thus became one of the pioneers of commercial NDW. The debut single "Lady Di" was released on NO FUN Records in 1981. A short time later followed the debut album "DIE NEUE KOLLEKTION" (released on No Fun Records, too). A collection of fine popsongs, the group plays carefree at great ease and offers some amazing arrangements.


A1 Die Neue Kollektion 2:02
A2 Hochkant 4:39
A3 Südstadt-Spatz 2:17
A4 Fotoapparat 2:39
A5 Schöne Schuhe 3:17
A6 Mäzen 3:12
A7 Sansibar 2:17
B1 Herbst 3:43
B2 Tortellini 3:10
B3 Geruchssinn 1:50
B4 12 Finger 2:08
B5 Doppelgänger 2:46
B6 Digital 1:11
B7 Zeitsprung 3:05
B8 Ich Glaub' Dir Alles 1:49

Mythen in Tüten - Die neue Kollektion! (1981)(320 kbps, cover art included)

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