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Bhundu Boys ‎– Muchiyedza (Out Of The Dark)

The most commercially and creatively successful act ever to emerge from Zimbabwe, the Bhundu Boys embodied the world music zeitgeist of the mid-'80s. Creators of a frenetic, guitar-dominated style they dubbed "jit," they fused airy melodies, shimmering harmonies, and pulsating rhythms drawn from across the African continent to make music that was both alien and accessible. Taking their name from the guerrillas who backed Robert Mugabe in his successful war to win Zimbabwe's independence from Britain, the Bhundu Boys formed in April 1980 in the city of Harare, which translates literally (and, sadly, prophetically) as "death everywhere."

Lead guitarist Rise Kagona assembled the original lineup, which also included singer/guitarist Biggie Tembo, bassist David Mankaba, keyboardist Shakie Kangwena, and drummer Kenny Chitsvatsva. Making do with homemade instruments, the Bhundu Boys cut their teeth playing Western pop covers in township beer halls, and were a local phenomenon by the time they were discovered by erstwhile property developer Steve Roskilly, who cut their earliest sessions in his home studio, Shed. Their 1981 debut single, "Hatisitose," topped the Zimbabwean charts for three months straight, and in the years to follow the band scored three more national number ones with "Baba Munini Francis," "Wenhamo Haaneti," and "Ndimboze."


1 Kachembere
2 Hazviskanwe
3 Dorica
4 Mhunza Musha
5 Satan Ngaaparadzwe
6 Mumhanzi We Jit
7 Tamba Wega
8 Pafunge
9 Misodzi Pamatama

Bhundu Boys ‎– Muchiyedza (Out Of The Dark)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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beaufiful and diferent music! thanks a lot

zero hat gesagt…

Glad you like this music. Best wishes!

Chrisz hat gesagt…

Hast Du "Amour Fou" von Kanda Bongo Man? Das wäre super...

zero hat gesagt…

Sorry, this is not in my collection. All the best!

Chrisz hat gesagt…

Schade. Vielen Dank für die vielen anderen tollen Platten hier! Ich besuch Dein Blog schon seit ewigen Zeiten. Ich find's ganz toll. Mythen in Tüten! Seit Jahrhunderten nicht mehr gehört... :-)

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