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East German Revolution - Hanns Eisler - A Composer´s Portrait

"East German Revolution, Hanns Eisler, A Composer's Portrait" was released in 1990 on the small PILZ label. It is no longer available due to the bankruptcy of this label.

This album contains "Sturm-Suite für Orchester" (Großes Rundfunkorchster Leipzig, directed by Adolf Fritz Guhl), "Sätze für Nonett" 8members of the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchesters Leipzig), "Sonate für Violine und Klavier" (Gustv Schmahl, violin; Herbert Kaliga, piano) and "Fünf Orchesterstücke" (Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Leipzig, directed by Herbert Kegel) - live recordings of a concert broadcast on June 14th, 1973.

1. Storm - Suite For Orchestra {#1,Sturm-Allegro}1:09
2. Storm - Suite For Orchestra {#2,Pantomime-Melodram-AllegrettoSpirito}1:58
3. Storm - Suite For Orchestra {#3,Bequem}1:09
4. Storm - Suite For Orchestra {#4,PocoLarghetto}1:40
5. Storm - Suite For Orchestra {#5,AllegroConFuoco}1:58
6. Storm - Suite For Orchestra {#6,AllegroAgitato}1:13
7. Storm - Suite For Orchestra {#7,Lento}1:08
8. Storm - Suite For Orchestra {#8,Destinado}1:19
9. Movements For Nonet,OpPosth {#1,Allegro"Allegretto"Andante}4:18
10. Movements For Nonet,OpPosth {#2,Allegretto}2:50
11. Movements For Nonet,OpPosth {#3,Allegro}3:47
12. Movements For Nonet,OpPosth {#4,QuasiRezitativo-Moderato}2:27
13. Movements For Nonet,OpPosth {#5,Presto"Treibend"AndanteConMoto}2:18
14. Movements For Nonet,OpPosth {#6,AllegroModerato}5:24
15. Movements For Nonet,OpPosth {#7,Presto"Treibend"Energico,AllaMarcia}3:11
16. Reise Sonate {#1,ConSpirito}4:23
17. Reise Sonate {#2,Intermezzo-AndanteSemplice}3:48
18. Reise Sonate {#3,AllegroSpirito}4:20
19. Five Orchestral Pieces {#1,Andante}3:49
20. Five Orchestral Pieces {#2,Allegro}2:10
21. Five Orchestral Pieces {#3,KleinePassacaglia}1:22
22. Five Orchestral Pieces {#4,Presto}1:19
23. Five Orchestral Pieces {#5,Finale-Improvisation}2:23

East German Revolution - Hanns Eilser - A Composer´s Portrait
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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