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VA - Bob Dylan & The Band´s Basement Tapes Influences - Original Versions Of The Big Pink Recordings

The recordings that took place during 1967 in the quiet backwaters of upstate New York, near the town of Woodstock, probably represent Bob Dylan's most productive song writing period to date. In March of 1967, almost nine months after falling from his motorcycle, Dylan recommenced music-making and in May/June he began recording informal sessions with the Hawks - soon to become The Band - in the Red Room at his Byrdcliffe home. The distractions of family life soon became too much however and the musicians relocated to the unremarkable pink painted property that would come to be known as The Big Pink . Dylan would later tell Rolling Stone, That's really the way to do a recording, in a peaceful, relaxed setting in somebody's basement. With the windows open... and a dog lying on the floor. Working in their makeshift studio became a daily ritual and between June and late October 67, the musicians committed well over a 100 songs to tape. The sessions, which would become known as The Basement Tapes, produced a kaleidoscope of American music and more. Alongside the tracks composed by Dylan, the musicians summoned up cowboy songs ( Cool Water ); sea shanties ( Bonnie Ship The Diamond ); blues (John Lee Hooker s I m In The Mood ), country (Hank Williams and lots of Johnny Cash) and several traditional songs ( The Trees They Do Grow High , Hills Of Mexico ). Guitarist Robbie Robertson told Greil Marcus: [Dylan] would pull these songs out of nowhere. We didn't know if he wrote them or if he remembered them. When he sang them you couldn't tell. This compilation collects together the originals - or the version that Dylan likely knew - of 26 of the tracks recorded during this sublime period of creativity, undertaken while the majority of American and British act were dabbling in acid fuelled psychedelia, the majority of which today sounds nothing but dated.           


- Joan BaezThe Trees They Do Grow High2:57
Roscoe HolcombThe Hills Of Mexico2:32
Luke The DrifterBe Careful Of Stones That You Throw2:59
Hank SnowA Fool Such As I2:29
The Rays Silhouettes2:45
Judy CollinsBonnie Ship The Diamond2:19
Dinah WashingtonI Don't Hurt Anymore3:13
Glenn YarbroughSpanish Is The Loving Tongue3:13
Clancy BrothersRosin Le Beau3:23
Barbara Dane900 Miles2:18
Bob NolanCool Water2:42
Elizabeth CottenGoin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad2:11
James Carter Po' Lazarus4:32
Elvis PresleyI Forgot To Remember To Forget2:28
Ronnie HawkinsYou Win Again2:08
Sonny BurnsWaltzin' With Sin2:38
Johnny CashBig River2:32
Johnny CashFolsom Prison Blues2:42
Pete SeegerThe Bells Of Rhymney5:22
John Lee HookerTupelo Blues3:25
John Lee HookerI'm In The Mood2:44
Gid TannerYa Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Aroun'3:06
Bobby BareThe All American Boy3:09
Carter FamilyWildwood Flower3:11
Sonny KnightConfidential2:33
Blind Lemon JeffersonSee That My Grave Is Kept Clean2:55

VA - Bob Dylan & The Band´s Basement Tapes Influences - Original Versions Of The Big Pink Recordings
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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