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VA - Poems for Peace - A Benefit Reading for the New York Workshop in Nonviolence (1967)

"Poems for Peace" features spoken-word recordings from a benefit reading for the "New York Workshop in Nonviolence" at St. Mark's Church in the Bouwerie.

These readings from Beat (and post-Beat) poets were recorded by Ann Charters at an event that occurred on April 7th, 1966, and were first released in 1967. It is a fascinating period recording and well worth the listen.

The album was produced by Samuel Charters., the husband of Ann Charters. Samuel B. Charters (born August 1, 1929, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - died March 18, 2015, Årsta, Sweden) was an American producer, music historian, writer, and poet. Both he and his wife, Ann have been widely published on the subjects of blues and jazz. He was the producer for Country Joe And The Fish from 1966 to 1970. Thoroughly disenchanted with American politics during the Vietnam War, he moved with his family to Sweden in 1970. He later divided his time between Sweden and the USA. In 1986, he launched the record label Gazell.


A1 Allen Ginsberg – Auto Poesy To Nebraska 9:08

A2 Peter Orlovsky – June 20, 1961, Tangiers 1:53
A3 Allen Katzman – Elegy, Poems From Oklahoma 3:04
A4 Harold Dicker – The Mouth Is A Zoo, The Prize Of War Is Always 3:26
A5 Jackson MacLow – Speech 4:57
A6 David Antin – From "The Black Plague" 3:27
B1 Ed Sanders – Peace Freak Poem 3:41
B2 Paul Blackburn  – Is Any Coherence Worth The Celebration? December Sixth And Seventh 5:56
B3 Armand Schwerner – From The Tablets: The Emptying 5:14
B4 Art Berger – Life Has No Dimension 1:45
B5 Walter Lowenfels – All Our Valises Are Packed 2:37
B6 Allen Planz – Heat Wave (A Discontinuous Poem) 3:04

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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khepa markhno hat gesagt…

Wow, I've not heard of half these people, how interesting. Great post zero!

rev.b hat gesagt…

Looks like something I need to listen to. Looks like something humanity need to listen to. Thanks for the opportunity.

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comments, you are welcome!

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