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VA - Lead With The Bass (1995)

"Lead With The Bass" is a fine neo dub compilation, released on the Universal Egg label, which initially was started by Zion Train to promote their music and productions.

The Disciples are a United Kingdom roots/dub reggae band and early protegees of Jah Shaka. They were formed by Russ D and his brother Loi, whose's no longer a member, around 1985. They released their first album Deliverance, in 1987 on Jah Shaka King of the Zula Tribe Records, and released three more albums in subsequent years on Shaka's label. In 1991 they built their own sound system for gigging, and financed a successful 12-inch recording entitled Prowling Lion in 1993, releasing it on their newly started Boom-Shacka-Lacka Records. In 1996 they started a second label Backyard Movements Records for the sole purpose of issuing contemporary Reggae, Jungle, Techno, Jazz, and World music. For a decade, the Disciples has been part of an impressive list of 7, 10 & 12 inch releases, and are also featured on many recordings of other artists.

Power Steppers’ true identity remains a mystery as he shuns publicity. Interviews with the elusive performer can only be conducted through facsimile or e-mail. The main force behind Power Steppers had no previous experience in the field of music, but had been active in the areas of eco-agriculture, conservation and primate research. His credentials led to preservation work in Africa and South America. His musical influence began in north London’s dancehall scene, primarily through the eminent Jah Shaka. Although predominately inspired by Shaka, his other influences include Ash Ra Temple, Faust and Brain Ticket, resulting in a definitive dub sound. Power Steppers utilized the bass guitar and delay as the fundamental instruments of protest, producing minimal dubs that captivate and stimulate. He recorded with gabba gabba dubbers Zion Train through the band’s own Universal Egg outlet, and his sound was promoted through the band’s Bass Odyssey system. Power Steppers’ dub outings particularly appealed to the rapidly expanding audience of the prevalent ambient dub sound. Zion Train have stated: ‘Power Steppers is one of the strangest people it has ever been our pleasure to meet’.

Formed in 1993 as an offshoot project to Centry, the dub/reggae outfit the Bush Chemists has issued several albums and EPs since 1996's, including Dub Outernational, Money Run Tings, Dubs From Zion Valley, In Dub: Light Up Your Chalice, and Dub Fire Blazing. Part of the U.K. roots and dub scene, the band often works from member Dougie Wardrop's home studio -- combining modern sounds with more authentic reggae sounds. A prolific recording outfit, the Chemists released Raw Raw Dub on Roir Records in 2005.

Iration Steppas was originally set up by Mark Iration as a sound system in Leeds, where he played the latest sounds at blues dances, clubs and parties. With a posse of like-minded individuals Iration toured the country absorbing various sounds. With Papa Sam, the sound initially performed under the name Ital Rockers Hi Fi. Notable influences were Jah Shaka and Jah Tubby. Iration acknowledged that he was amazed by Jah Tubby’s collection of original dub plates when he secured his first acetates. A sound system clash in Leeds against Jah Shaka resulted in praise from the legendary soundman, encouraging Iration to continue in the business. In 1993, Iration linked up with Dennis Rootical (under the guise of Kitachi), performing the leftfield dope beat sound. Live appearances by the duo were greeted with enthusiasm, playing festivals and clubs around the UK. They are also acknowledged as being the first to utilize DAT recordings of their own tunes at the High Rise studio in Leeds and to mix them live. With Jack Rouble joining the group, their reputation grew and Iration Steppas released the classic ‘Scud Missile’ in 1993. The single was met with enthusiasm and demand led to the discomix being re-pressed three times before eventually being deleted. The initial hit was followed by the equally popular 12-inch discomix, ‘Mystical Warrior’. Acclaimed by the media as Jah Shaka’s ‘enlightened offspring’, they followed the hit with two 10-inch releases, ‘Reminiscence Dub’ and ‘Killimanjaro’ both of which were featured on their debut album. As Kitachi they released three dope beat singles, ‘Spirit’, ‘Scratch Remix’ and ‘Heavyweight’. The new wave of dub followers can also discover many specials recorded for a variety of 90s-style dub compilations, including Macro Dub Infection, Dubhead Volumes One and Two, Club Meets Dub and Dope On Plastic.

The Disciples – Prowling Lion 4:18
The Disciples – Prowling Lion (Version) 4:12
Power Steppers – Beethoven 4:31
Power Steppers – Beethoven (Version) 2:46
The Disciples – Return To Addis Ababa 4:42
The Disciples – Return To Addis Ababa (Version) 3:53
Israelites – Lord 3:52
Israelites – Lord (Version) 3:45
Iration Steppas – Scud Missile 4:26
Iration Steppas – Scud Missile (Version) 4:26
The Bush Chemists – Come Together 3:33
The Bush Chemists –Come Together (Version) 3:42
Iration Steppas –High Rise 4:20
Iration Steppas – High Rise (Version) 4:18
Power Steppers – Make Love Not War 4:08
Power Steppers – Make Love Not War (Version) 5:08

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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