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VA - Die Dreißiger Jahre - Musik zwischen den Kriegen

This edition represents an attempt to provide, in the limited space available, an overview of the vigorous musical scene in Berlin of the 1930s, a time when Berlin was one of the focal points of the world. In the area of the arts this was the undisputed heyday of a great city.

An edition such as this can merely select, hint at and perhaps whet the interest for those works not included here; it can only give an inkling of the diversitiy and vitality that made Berlin the exhilarating metropole that it was. The works have been chosen according to these criteria: the composer had to have lived in Berlin and the compostion been written during the designated period; the composer had to have been of significance to the musical scene in Berlin; the work chosen should if possible be a first release on records, so as to enhance the presently meager supply of recordings from that era.

01. Arnold Schönberg - Begleitumusik für eine Lichtspielszene op. 34
02. Paul Hindemith - Ouverture "Neues vom Tage" mit Konzertschluss
03. Paul Hindemith - "Langsames Stück und Rondo" für Trautorium
04. Boris Blacher - Concertante Musik op. 10
05. Werner Egk - Variationen über ein altes Wiener Strophenlied
06. Ernst Toch - "Fuge aus der Geographie" für sprechende Chor
07. Ernst Pepping - "Deutsche Messe" für Chor a cappella
08. Paul Juan - 3. Sonate h-moll für Violine und Klavier

VA - Die Dreißiger Jahre - Musik zwischen den Kriegen
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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