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Jack Grunsky - The Way I Want To Live (1967, vinyl rip)

PhotobucketJack Grunsky (born July 1, 1945 ) is a Canadian singer and songwriter. Grunsky's musical career has spanned two continents. More than three decades of recording and touring have earned him a wide following from both adult and children's audiences.

Born in Austria, he came to Canada as an infant. His singing and performing began in high school in Toronto, but after graduating he returned to Europe where his music career began. In 1966 he formed the successful but short-lived folk singing group, "Jack's Angels" who were signed to Amadeo Records of Vienna, Austria. After the group disbanded, Grunsky recorded three solo albums for the label, one of which was produced by Alexis Korner. The album, "Toronto", was recorded in London and featured tracks with Mick Taylor on slide guitar.

He was subsequently brought on board the progressive German label, Kuckuck Records of Munich, where he produced three more albums of original material. Grunsky was a featured guest on many radio and TV specials and even hosted his own half-hour weekly radio show called, "Folk With Jack" an Austrian radio ORF.
In 1974 he moved with wife and young daughter back to Canada where he connected with record producer Chad Irschick and released an independent album titled, "The Patience Of A Sailor".

In the early 1980s Grunsky developed a keen interest in music for children. Since then, he has well known for his children's music. His eleven recordings for children have received prestigious awards in children's media.

Here´s his 1967 album "The Way I Want To Live":

Jack Grunsky - The Way I Want To Live (1967, vinyl rip)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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