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Tom Robinson Band - Rising Free (The Very Best Of TRB) (1997)

The Tom Robinson Band straddled the border between pub rock and punk, turning out hard-driving rock anthems that were filled with attitude, if not venom. They were a stripped-down rock & roll band, delivering charging, catchy three-chord rockers at their best. Occasionally, as on the notorious anthem "Glad to Be Gay," Robinson dipped into social commentary, yet he was best at just rocking out, like on the lost classic "2-4-6-8 Motorway," one of the very best driving songs of all time. "2-4-6-8 Motorway" is the highlight on "Rising Free -- The Very Best of the Tom Robinson Band", which proves that the group was a good band, but not great. Few songs on "Rising Free" have the intoxicating hook of "2-4-6-8 Motorway," and few are as acidic as "Glad to Be Gay." By and large, it's simply competent pub rock that's harder than average. As the years progressed, TRB's edge softened, and they began experimenting with disco. All of these progressions, and all of the group's best moments, are found on "Rising Free", and while it doesn't reveal many hidden gems, there are enough good songs to make it worthwhile for pub and punk fanatics. -

I think it is punk revisionism to blame for TRB not holding its rightful place in Punk's official history. Back in the day, TRB were at the forefront of punk. Their role in Rock Against Racism's 1978 "Carnival Against the Nazis" gave them one of punk's biggest stages. Power in the Darkness, TRB's first lp (a double at that), was really a landmark album. It dealt with women's rights, gay rights, political persecution, and the justifiable paranoia of the far left...all served up with fiery punk guitar courtesy of Danny Kustow (a guitarist similarly overlooked), heavy British accents, and driving rock and roll back beats. TRB was one of the few punk groups to heavily feature keyboards from the start, which was in itself unique and noteworthy. So, why has TRB been largely forgotten? Could it be that in retrospect TRB's few songs dealing explicitly with gays or women's rights don't fit the pretty narrow definition of punk that has evolved in the ensuing decades? I suspect so. Too bad. One of the great things about punk was the idea that anything does. The aspects of TRB that made them outsiders in rock worked for them as punks. At least in the early days of punk. I recommend this album if you want to hear musically sound, political punk rock at its very best.


1 2-4-6-8 Motorway 3:21
2 I Shall Be Released 4:37
3 Don't Take No For An Answer 4:40
4 Glad To Be Gay 4:47
5 Martin 2:50
6 Right On Sister 3:28
7 Alright Jack (Live) (previously unreleased) 2:37
8 Up Against The Wall 3:34
9 Grey Cortina 2:10
10 Too Good To Be True 3:35
11 Long Hot Summer 4:44
12 Winter Of '79 4:30
13 Power In The Darkness 4:56
14 Waiting For My Man (Live) (previously unreleased) 4:25
15 Getting Tighter 3:57
16 Alright All Night 3:01
17 Bully For You 3:30
18 Never Going To Fall In Love (Again) 3:10

Tom Robinson Band - Rising Free (The Very Best Of TRB) (1997)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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