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Maria Bethania - Recital Na Boite Barroco (1968)

Maria Bethânia Viana Teles Veloso (born June 18, 1946) is a Brazilian singer and songwriter. Born in Santo Amaro, Bahia, she started her career in Rio de Janeiro in 1964 with the show "Opinião" ("Opinion"). Due to its popularity, with performances all over the country, and the popularity of her 1965 single "Carcará", the artist became a star in Brazil.

Bethânia is the sister of the singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso and of the writer-songwriter Mabel Velloso, as well as being aunt of the singers Belô Velloso and Jota Velloso

She recorded "Recital Na Boite Barroco" for the Odeon label in 1968 and it was reissued on compact disc in 2007 by EMI. This passionate interpreter of Brazilian popular song was some three years into her recording career when she was taped in live performance with the Tamba Trio (pianist Luiz Eca, bassist Bebeto, and percussionist Helcio Milito). The Maria Bethânia heard on this album was already an adept handler of intimate ballads, jazz samba and bossa nova. Standing as it does among the earliest entries in her discography, "Recital Na Boite Barroco" serves as a pleasant prologue to her major triumphs of the '70s and her subsequent successes over the years.


Marginália II
Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Você
Último Desejo
Camisa Listada
O Que Tinha De Ser
Pano Legal
Café Soçaite
Pé da Roseira
Êle Falava Nisso Todo Dia
Maria, Maria

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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