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Bob Marley & The Wailers - The Rarities, Volume 1 (Jamaican Gold)

Ah, the Lee Perry years, the most overly compiled era of the Wailers' career. Surely, even the most dedicated fans must by now yelp in dismay when yet another in the deluge of sets drawn exclusively from this era hits the racks.

"The Rarities, Vol. 1" attempts to ignite waning enthusiasm for this period
by rounding up not the hits, but the outtakes, versions, and hard to find singles from this period. Fed up with the multiple recurrences of "Small Axe"? Check out the notably different arrangement on "More Axe" and the instrumental take "Axe Man" for a change. Or for something completely different there's "Shocks of Mighty" and its version, released only in the U.K. on a blank-label 12" single. Of course, you still get "Duppy Conqueror" for the umpteenth time, but how often do you see "I Like It Like This" or two versions (neither the 45 take) of "Picture on the Wall"? Then again, there was a reason some of these tracks were left as outtakes, consigned to B-sides, or failed to hit. Still, Upsetter fans will lap them up regardless, for even if the Wailers don't always shine here, Perry's productions continue to intrigue and amaze.


1 Shocks Of Mighty 3:34
2 Shocks Of Mighty - Version 3:27
3 All In One 2:24
4 One In All 2:06
5 Copasetic 3:11
6 More Axe 3:32
7 Axe Man 2:48
8 Duppy Conqueror 3:22
9 Zig Zag 3:03
10 Run For Cover 3:16
11 Picture On The Wall - Version 3 3:02
12 Picture On The Wall - Version 4 2:59
13 Man To Man 3:36
14 Nicoteen 2:41
15 Rock My Boat 2:53
16 Like It Like This 2:56

Bob Marley & The Wailers - The Rarities, Volume 1 (Jamaican Gold)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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