Samstag, 1. Mai 2021

Patricio Manns, Karaxu, Angel Parra – Chile: Songs For The Resistance (1975)

"In every epoch, certain struggles against oppression have come down through history and sum up for us in a single heroic shout the great reservoir of courage and humanity which is the common birthright of all people. France of 1789, Russia of 1917, China of 1949, Cuba of 1959; these are both milestones and symbols, the tradition of revolution which demonstrates that historically all reactionaries have been, in essence, paper tigers. That a people united can never be defeated. But not every symbol is a victorious one. The world has borne to witness to the bloody coup of September 1973 which swallowed and destroyed the Popular Unity government of Salvador Allende..."


A1 Patricio Manns– La Cancion De Luciano 5:40
A2 Patricio Manns– La Ventana 5:25
A3 Patricio Manns– La Resistencia Se Organiza 4:56
A4 Patricio Manns– Bolivariana 3:30
B1 Daniel Viglietti– Solo Digo Compañeros 2:22
B2 Patricio Manns– Los Libertadores 4:30
B3 Patricio Manns– La Dignidad Se Hace Costumbre 3:55
B4 Patricio Manns– Ya No Somos Nosotros 2:40
B5 José Durán– Carta A Mi Compañero 5:36
B6 José Durán– Trabajadores Al Poder 2:50

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Christian hat gesagt…

Whoa. Where's the quote from?

zero hat gesagt…

It´s a quote from the booklet, written by Irwin Silber - included in the archive. All the best!

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