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Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Yo te Avise!!! (1987)

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs is an Argentine ska band from Buenos Aires. Formed in 1985, they released their first album, Bares y Fondas (Bars and Boardinghouses), in 1986 and have since released fourteen more albums. They are one of the most influential and most-referenced ska bands of the Latin ska world.

The band's sound is a mix of ska, salsa, mambo, reggae, rock, funk and samba. It is also noted for its irreverent and humorous lyrics which often contain political undertones.

Yo Te Avisé! (Spanish for "I told you so") was their second studio album and was released in 1987. Having built on their experience from the first album, the band also benefited from the assistance of Andres Calamaro in production. On this album, Daniel Lozano joined the band as a guest player on the trumpet, eventually becoming a full-time member.

The album was a step forward for the band; it sold more than 250 000 copies, earning the band a platinum certification, catapulting them to a moderate fame that allowed them to expand their tour schedule to countries outside of Argentina. Structurally, the album was an evolutionary shift for the band, with a focus on more elaborate songs and the incorporation of new genres in their sonic vocabulary, including reggae and dub, seen in the songs "Muy, Muy Temprano" and "El Genio del Dub", respectively.

The singles were "Mi Novia se Cayo en un Pozo Ciego", "Yo te Avise", the permanent concert opener "Cadillacs" and "Yo No Me Sentaria en Tu Mesa", which is still played in soccer matches in Argentina.

"El Genio del Dub" ("The Genie of Dub")  5:21
"Botellas Rotas" ("Broken Bottles") 2:35
"Mi Novia Se Cayó En Un Pozo Ciego" ("My Girlfriend Fell In A Cesspool") 3:52
"Una Ciudad Llamada Vacío" ("A City Called Emptiness")  4:07
"Cadillacs" 2:01
"Yo No Me Sentaría En Tu Mesa" ("I Wouldn't Sit At Your Table") 2:58
"Yo Te Avisé" ("I Told You So") 3:07
"Muy, Muy Temprano" ("Very, Very Early")  5:50
"Estoy Harto de Verte Con Otros" ("I'm Tired of Seeing You With Others") 4:53
"Aún los Escuchamos Cantar" ("We Can Still Hear Them Sing")  4:37

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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