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Neonbabies - Harmlos (1982)

Neonbabies were a German "Neue Deutsche Welle"-band founded in Berlin in 1979 by Annette Humpe and Inga Humpe and others. Annette left the band in 1980 for her new project Ideal. The band split up in 1983. Inga Humpe's current project is called 2raumwohnung.

The album "Harmlos" was recorded in February 1982 in Conny Plank's Studio, Wolperath.

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"Harmlos" means "harmless" in German, and that's pretty much what this album is. A little pop, a little new wave, a flirt with some experimental stuff, but all in all, it's pretty nondescript and undecided... While it's the Neonbabies best album, with a few good tracks ("Carosello", "Moderne Liebe" and "Aiaiaiai"), most of the tracks are just average. Even if Neonbabies are pretty unknown today, I still consider them overrated, as they're often cited as Neue Deutsche Welle pioneers -- I consider them rather as bandwagon jumpers.

Seeing what singer Inga Humpe does today (horrible Deutschpop with 2raumwohnung), this is no surprise.


A1 Alibi
A2 Reise
A3 Angelogen
A4 Ausser sich
A5 Carosello
B1 Moderne Liebe
B2 Triebtäter
B3 Roboter
B4 Gemini
B5 Aiaiaiaiai

Neonbabies - Harmlos (1982)
(ca. 192 kbps, cover art included)

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