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Los Lobos - Vientos del pueblo (Spain, 1972)

Los Lobos was a Spanish folk band founded in 1971 by Manuel Roiz, Antonio Gómez and sisters Almudena Langa and Leonor Langa

In 1972, a group of university students from Madrid founded the group Los Lobos, which debuted on the CBS label with an album entitled "Vientos del pueblo". The great popular success of the album came from the homonymous poem by the great Miguel Hernández, which received numerous critics' awards and sold tens of thousands of copies as a single. 

But the censorship was still giving its last death rattles then in Spain and the song was banned for months on Radio Nacional de España and on Spanish Television.


A1 Vientos Del Pueblo
A2 Papa Montero
A3 Tristes Guerras
A4 La Muralla
A5 Mi Corza

B1 Coco Cacao
B2 Si Mi Voz Muriera En Tierra
B3 Ausencia
B4 Amigo
B5 Tres Morillas

(192 kbps, cover art included)

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