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VA - Kill The Nation With A Groove (Buback, 1992)

After the German reunification in 1990, there was a growing wave of racism. This became a major theme of the early German hip hop.

During 1992–93 many acts of protest occurred in the wake of rising anti-immigration sentiment in Germany. Amongst the angst of this period, the content of German hip hop started to become more politicized. Additionally, the language of the music started to reflect a more local voice. The group Advanced Chemistry has been noted as one of the first to incorporate social critiques of growing prejudice and racism in Germany. "…the newly emerging hip hop movement took a clear stance for the minorities and against the marginalisation of immigrants who, as the song said, might be German on paper, but not in real life"

Advanced Chemistry was a prominent hip hop group because of the ethnic diversity of the members. Torch, the leader of the group for instance is both of a Haitian and German ethnic background.[ Advanced Chemistry exploded onto the German hip hop scene in November 1992 with their first mixed single entitled "Fremd im eigenen Land" (Foreign in Your Own Country). This song was immensely popular because it directly addressed the issue of immigrants in Germany: "In the video of the song, a band member brandishes a German passport in a symbolic challenge to traditional assumptions about what it means to be German. If the passport is not enough, the video implies, then what is required? German blood?".


1 Deep Coloured - High
2 Absolute Beginner - K.E.I.N.E.
3 Readykill - War Theatre Of Operations '91
4 EazyBusiness - Save The Kids(Remix)
5 No Remorze - Killa Squad
6 AJ, Big Talks & The DJ - Soul Prologue
7 Cora E - Swift
8 2BIAS - Hier im Viertel
9 2Lo - How To Kill A Sucka
10 Advanced Chemistry - Fremd im eigenen Land
11 IQ - Sensimilla(Remix)

VA - Kill The Nation With A Groove (Buback, 1992)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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