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Leadbelly - Bourgeois Blues - Lead Belly Legacy Vol. 2

This is volume 2 of a projected 3-volume set of Lead Belly's performances recorded by Moses Asch during the 1940s. The original masters now reside in the Folkways Archive at the Smithsonian Institution.
Completely remastered from the best sources in our collections, this recording contains the highest sound quality possible. The liner notes contain extensive annotation and reflections on Lead Belly's music as you've never heard it before. Compiled and annotated by Jeff Place. "The soul expressed is full-fledged and sublime." — New England Folk Almanac


Fannin Street 3:01
Bourgeois Blues 2:17
Easy Rider 2:50
Alabama Bound 2:16
Don't You Love Your Daddy No More? 3:01
Gallis Pole 2:44
Leavin' Blues 1:29
Midnight Special 2:01
T.B. Blues 3:42
Linin' Track 1:14
Julie Ann Johnson 0:40
John Henry 2:24
Jim Crow Blues 3:29
Jim Crow #2 2:42
Good Morning Blues #2 2:08
Abraham Lincoln 3:10
Army Life 1:46
Hitler Song 4:32
Careless Love 2:56
Haul Away Joe 2:48
How Do You Know?/Don't Mind The Weather 2:17
Skip To My Lou 2:10
Red Bird 2:54
Out On The Western Plains 1:30
Cowboy Song 1:43
You Can't Mistreat Me 3:13
Diggin' My Potatoes 2:33
John Hardy 2:42

Leadbelly - Bourgeois Blues - Lead Belly Legacy Vol. 2
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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