Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017

Dakar Sound Volume 2 - Sorano Singers

It was in the 70s that Dakar-businessman Mass Diokhane, dealer in cars and radio-cassete players, got the idea to produce young talents of his nieghbourhood on a label called "Touba Auto K7". So he hired a technician and they started to record the new sound of booming Dakar.

After the huge success of Etoile 2000 Diokhane´s next idea was to record the Sorano Singers, who are the vocalists of the national ensemble. They practice and perform at the Sorano theatre in Dakar, which is still the breeding-place for new traditional talent. Diokhane taped the music almost without rehearsing, using just two microphones, as the various singers improvise their text on a well known tradtional melody.

The Sorano singers are presented here with a selection of songs from their individual cassettes, all released in the beginning of the eighties. Madiodio makes her entranceon this CD with a song called Xouda Doki. She is accompagnied by a mysterious group called SK7. The orther artists are backed up by non other than Super Etoile.

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