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VA - Dakar Sound Sampler Vol. 2

In Senegal, international capitalism meets traditional African commerce head on. The skyscrapers and colonial buildings of Dakar may be crumbling, but down by the Medina, the city´s original `native quarter´, they´re building vast ultra-modern banks, while, outside, stalls errupt from pavements heaving with hawkers and touts. And evreyone it seems, from the ragged beggars to the sleek-suited executives or the turbanned women in billowing robes and stiletto hells, is radiating pise and self possession - the same nonchalant swagger that underpins mbalax, the rhythm that has come to define Senegalese music.

A collection of classic West African pop music, "Dakar Sound Sampler Vol. 2" showcases some of the "Dakar Sound" label’s finest releases.


 1. Bolero - Dexter Johnson
2. Mamu Wa Mpoy - African Fiesta
3. Seul - Superstar
4. Am Am - Royal Band
5. Kontar
6. Xouda Doki
7. Kolankoma - Sékou Bembya Diabaté
8. Darou Muxti
9. Tounka - Djanka Diabate,
10. Tama - Sekou Kouyate
11. Mkuki Myoni - Tondo
12. Kyere Wo Do
13. Dowaka
14. Liverpool

VA - Dakar Sound Sampler Vol. 2
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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