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VA - Cajun Vol. 1 - Abbeville Breakdown 1929-1939

A collection of ancient recordings of Cajun music by musicians from the Abbeville area of Louisiana. These songs were all recorded between 1929 and 1939, and are split essentially into two groups. The Breaux Fréres (and brother-in-law Joseph Falcon) provide the earlier half of the works, with an early mastery of the basic Cajun lineup that would become standard -- accordion, fiddle, and guitar. Falcon proves himself a worthy accordionist, paving the way for much of the later music to come from the genre (and simultaneously standing as the first recorded Cajun accordion player). Cleoma Breaux Falcon (his wife) is an able guitarist, and the Breaux Fréres do well on fiddle and accordion, as needed.

The second half of the album is dominated by the Alley Boys of Abbeville, an accordion-less group of youngsters who recorded once for Vocalion and were recorded again on various compilations. The recording quality on the album is admittedly sub-par, and seemingly not remastered completely. Nonetheless, it's an enjoyable album for those looking for the roots of Cajun music, though the rare recordings of Amédé Ardoin would be recommended beforehand, as the branching point for both Cajun and Zydeco forms.    


 1. Vas Y Carrément  - Amedee Breaux/Cleoma Breaux & Ophy Breaux
2. Poche-Town - Joe Falcon/Cleoma Breaux & Ophy Breaux
3. Prenez Courage (Take Courage) - Cleoma Breaux/Joe Falcon & Ophy Breaux
4. Quand Je Suit Partis Pour Le Texas - Cleoma Breaux/Joe Falcon & Ophy Breaux
5. Aimer Et Perdre (To Love And Lose) - Joe Falcon
6. Egan One Step - Breaux Feres
7. T' As Volé Mon Chapeau (You Have Stolen My Hat) - Breaux Feres
8. Home Sweet Home - Breaux Feres
9. Le One Step A Martin - Breaux Feres
10. La Valse Du Bayou Plaquemine - Breaux Feres
11. Abbeville Breakdown
12. Te A Pas Raison (You Have No Reason)
13. Se Toute Sain Comme Moi Ma Saine (I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do)
14. Jolie Petite Fille (Pretty Little Girl)
15. Quel Espoire (What's The Use)
16. Moi Et Ma Belle (Me And My Pretty One)
17. Je Vous T' Aime Lessair Pleurer (I'll Never Let You Cry)
18. Es Ce Que Tu Pense Jamais A Moi (Do You Ever Think Of Me)
19. Tu Ma Quite Seul (Prisoner's Song)
20. Jolie Petite Blonde (Small Pretty Blonde)
21. Apres Jengles A Toi (Thinking Of You)
22. Te Bonne Pour Moi Estere (I Don't Care What You Used To Be)

VA - Cajun Vol. 1 - Abbeville Breakdown 1929-1939    
(192 kbps, cover art included)    

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