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Mercedes Sosa - En Argentina

One of the greatest voices in the world, Mercedes Sosa, was compared to Edith Piaf and Billie Holiday, and justly so.
During four decades, Mercedes Sosa has been the voice of her people in argentina. she sang about the poverty and was the clear voice against her goverment, when people were kidnaped and killed for speaking their mind. Mercedes Sosa exhaled from argentina at the end of the 1970's and came back at 1982 for three historical live concerts. The goverment warned Sosa not to perform, but she wouldn't listen. Thank god.
Performing live all her great songs, back at home, she shines and brings you to tears in superb songs like "GRACIAS A LA VIDA", "MARIA VA" and "SOLO LE PIDO A DIOS".
This album is maybe the best Mercedes Sosa compilation and is highly recommended.

1982: Argentina's most brutal military dictatorship was ebbing out. Mercedes Sosa, as many socially conscientious Argentines, had been sent into exile. This album is her coming back to her Motherland, recorded live for the thousands of eager souls waiting for a song of hope. Originally released as a double LP, this masterpiece has the very rare ability to reflect the mood of Mercedes Sosa and her audience. Some of the songs included are among the most beautiful Latin American folk tunes by songwriters like Violeta Parra, Charly García, Ariel Ramírez, Silvio Rodríguez, Pablo Milanés, César Isella. There is a moving rendition of Violeta's "Gracias a la vida," which in Mercedes' voice becomes a powerful message of love for life. Argentine traditional folk music is represented best by "Al Jardín de la República," an homage to Mercedes' cradle: the Northwestern province of Tucumán. This album is an icon in the struggle of the Latin American people, that is synthesized in one of its best songs: "Canción con Todos," the strongest call for Latin American unity.

Mercedes Sosa - En Argentina (1982)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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beautiful. thank you.

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You are welcome!

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many thanks zero, a voice for the ages.

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Yes, that´s right, peacenik. Best wishes!

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