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Eck - Lieder gegen Angst und Unterdrückung (1980)

During the 1970s and 1980s there was a diverse and powerful alternative and left-wing scene in West Germany, being made up of ecological and political groups of various grades of dogmatism, local grassroots organizations, punks, and a growing faction of militant autonomous groups ("Autonome").

Besides its focus in West Berlin there were also important local scenes in the West German provinces. It was here, in the rural and sparsely populated countryside of Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, Bavaria and Baden-Württenberg, where militant protests and attempts to block the sites, or potential sites, of nuclear power stations took place - leading to the ermergence of alternative camps "occupying" sites in Wyhl, Brokdorf and Gorlben ("Republik Freies Wendland").

An important part of this political scene were always a lot of singer-songwriters, rock bands and other musical projects. One of these songwriteres was Bruno Eckhardt, who released under the alias Eck in 1980 on the "Trikont/Unsere Stimme"-label the album "Lieder gegen Angst und Unterdrückung". The wonderful song "Drum bin ich rot geworden" is a nice version of "The Rifles of the IRA".

A1Drum bin ich rot geworden
A2Auf Kreuzbergs grauen Straßen
A3Ex Sumar
A4Victor Jara
B1Ich bin als Mensch geboren
B2Lied von den Träumen
B3Der Knast
B4Arbeiter, Brüder

Eck - Lieder gegen Angst und Unterdrückung (1980)
(ca. 160 kbps, cover art included)

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-Otto- hat gesagt…

Mensch, was für eine schöne Überraschung zum neuen Jahr. Most heartfelt THANKS!

-Otto- hat gesagt…

"Drum bin ich rot geworden" aka "Rote Sonne" is also here (along with many other Sponti / Autonome tunes):

Vitko hat gesagt…

Ein großes Dankeschön für diese Schmuckstück.

zero hat gesagt…

Glad you are interested in that kind of music. And thanks a lot for the link...


-Otto- hat gesagt…

Sag mal zero, hast Du zufällig was von Klaus dem Geiger? In den 70ern gab's einige LPs auf Trikont/Unsere Stimme. Wäre toll, wenn Du mir damit aushelfen könntest.

zero hat gesagt…

Hope to post some Klaus der Geiger in some days. Greetings!

-Otto- hat gesagt…

Ich bin gespannt. Thanks so much for sharing your vault(s) of progressive music.

zero hat gesagt…

Sorry for the delay, Otto. Finally there is a Klaus der Geiger posting. Best wishes!

-Otto- hat gesagt…

Super! Many thanks for the new post in this comments spot as well.

zero hat gesagt…

Best wishes to you!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Re-Up, bitte :)

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