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Bullwackies All Stars ‎- Black World Dub (1979)

"Black World" came out originally in 1979, on the Wackies’ imprint Hardwax. It’s a tough album, with Sibbles guiding the selection as well as sharing bass duties - there are versions of his classic composition "Guiding Star" and stylish Wackies heavyweight, This World; and "Tribute To Studio One" reworks Heptones "Gonna Fight / Hail Don D." as modern steppers, with the kit-drums - as throughout this album - supplemented effectively by the latest electronic innovation from Japan. Drifter and Skylarking put in appearances; and two full Joe Auxumite vocals from the solo album scheduled for release around this time, but abandoned when most of the tapes were lost. A dub version of Delroy Wilson’s "Rain From The Skies" rounds out proceedings.

A1 Recording Connection 3:50
A2 Skylarking 4:22
A3 Troubled Land 3:46
A4 Morning Star 3:40
A5 United Rock 4:24
B1 Black World 4:28
B2 Simple Little Woman 5:10
B3 Tribute To Studio One 2:01
B4 Shining Star 3:01
B5 Rain From The Cloud 3:27

Bullwackies All Stars ‎- Black World Dub (1979)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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SonofTransitFord hat gesagt…

Thanks for this share mate. I had a few Wackies' LPs long ago. Never was a big fan but "Rain From the Cloud" is excellent. Much appreciated. Best wishes!

J in Liverpool

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks for your feedback. Best wishes!

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