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Jesse Fuller - Frisco Bound

`Frisco Bound' stems from two sessions held seven years apart. The first sixteen tracks were waxed in 1955 for the tiny Cavalier logo, while the remaining six, from a 1962 album on Harry Oster's Folklyric imprint, include his best-known song, the poignant rag-derived `San Francisco Bay Blues.'

“Jesse `Lone Cat' Fuller was a Bay Area folk & blues singer who died in 1976. In his long career he hoboed, acted in movies, sang on the street, shined shoes, and owned a hot dog stand at a movie studio. He's best remembered though as the author of `San Francisco Bay Blues,' and for his unusual performance as a one-man band playing blues, spirituals, children's songs, railroad songs, waltzes and jazz. He invented the ingenious `footdella' to play bass, set up washboards, cymbals, kazoos and harmonicas that, along with his 12-string, accompanied him in his one man show. All these are demonstrated on the reissue of 18 favorites plus four previously unreleased cuts from 1955 and six from 1962. It's an historic album full of his fun music and unique style.”
(Phil Hanson — Victory Review)


1. Leavin' Memphis, Frisco Bound
2. Got A Date At Half Past Eight
3. Hump In My Back
4. Flavor In My Cream
5. Finger Twister
6. I'm Going To Sit Down At The Welcome Tab
6. Just Like A Ship On The Deep Blue Sea
7. Cincinnati Bules
8. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
9. Motherless Children
10. Amazing Grace
11. Hark From The Tomb
12. As Long As I Can Feel The Spirit
14. Together Let Us Live
15. Memphis Boogie
16. Footdella Stomp
17. Crazy About A Woman
18. 99 Years
19. Stranger's Blues
20. Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
21. Preacher Lowdown
22. San Francisco Bay Blues

Jesse Fuller - Frisco Bound
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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