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Skin, Flesh & Bones - Fighting Dub (1975)

"Fighting Dub" is a collection issued on the Love label in 1975. The album's original mix was done by Errol "E.T." Thompson at Joe Gibbs' studio. Basically, these dubs were of Lloyd "Spiderman" Campbell's hits at the time, such as "Jacket" and "First Cut Is the Deepest."

This album was seen as the forerunner to the 'rockers' sound made famous by Sly Dunbar. Sly is in the band alongside Jackie Jackson, Hux Brown, Rad Bryan and Ansell Collins.


Boxer Dub
Slavery Dub
Third Cut Dub
Jack Ruby Special
Scotch Dub
In Tone Rock
Spider Man Web
Run Run Dub
Baby Face Dub
Harbour View Rock

Skin, Flesh & Bones - Fighting Dub (1975)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Lucky hat gesagt…

Very nice - thanks for the Dub, zero! :)

Cheers, Lucky

zero hat gesagt…

Just listened to your "Musique D´Afrique"-compilation. Wonderful, thanks a lot!

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