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Robert Wyatt - Nothing Can Stop Us (1982)

An enduring figure who came to prominence in the early days of the English art rock scene, Robert Wyatt has produced a significant body of work, both as the original drummer for art rockers Soft Machine and as a radical political singer/songwriter.

This compilation of early-'80s singles includes some of Wyatt's finest work. Aside from "Born Again Cretin" (whose vocals recall the Beach Boys at their most experimental), all of it's non-original material that Wyatt makes his own with his sad, haunting vocals.

You could hardly ask for a more diverse assortment of covers: Chic's "At Last I Am Free" (given an eerie treatment with especially mysterious, spacy keyboards), the a cappella gospel of "Stalin Wasn't Stallin'," political commentary with "Trade Union," the Billie Holiday standard "Strange Fruit," Ivor Cutler's "Grass," and a couple of songs in Spanish.

01. Born Again Cretin
02. At Last I Am Free
03. Caimanera
04. Grass
05. Stalin Wasn´t Stallin´
06. Red Flag
07. Strange Fruit
08. Arauco
09. Trade Union
10. Stalingrad

Robert Wyatt - Nothing Can Stop Us (1982)
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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Unknown hat gesagt…

Thanks! A great favourite LP of mine since I bought it on original release.

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You are welcome!

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Thank you!

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Fantastic, thanks!

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Dear Sir...restore?

Anonym hat gesagt…

I never got around to buying the lp when it first came out so I look forward to hearing it at last. Many thanks!


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You are welcome!

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Thank you Zero

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You are welcome, Tommy!

Brandon hat gesagt…

is it possible to fix this link? thanks!

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Thanks so much!

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