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Neonbabies - Neonbabies (1981)

Neonbabies was a German new wave band of the early 1980s. They were from Berlin and were part of the Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW) music scene.

The band came together in Berlin at the beginning of 1979. Its founding members included the sisters Inga Humpe (born 1956), called "DiLemma", and Annette Humpe (born 1950), called "Anita Spinetti".

At the beginning of 1980, Annette Humpe founded the band Ideal and was replaced by the singer Petra Mikolajczuk ("Miko"). 
The selft-titeld debut album "Neonbabies", released in 1981, was the only Neonbabies album to feature Annette Humpe, who left to form Ideal. The best song by far is the original version of "Blaue Augen", which was a hit for Ideal in a much smoother version.


A1 Profi 3:49
A2 Krönung 3:10
A3 Spaß muß sein 2:00
A4J umping Jack Flash 1:35
A5 Big Spender 2:20
A6 Blaue Augen 3:10
A7 Extro 1:50

B1 Depressiv 0:55
B2 Ich will dich nicht2 :00
B3 Hawaii 4:25
B4 Tango 11/80 2:45
B5 Willst du mich nicht 5:00
B6 Außer sich 3:10
B7 Debut 1:40

(224 kbps, cover art included)

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