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Woody Guthrie - BBC "Children's Hour", London, GB, July 7, 1944

From Guy Logsdon's Woody Guthrie Discography, "Hard Travelin' -- The Life and Legacy of Woody Guthrie", Hanover and London, 1999, p. 196:

"7 JULY 1944. Woody was a Merchant Marine, 'washing dishes on a Liberty Ship,' the troop ship Sea Porpoise which carried troops to the Normandy beach in early July 1944. After the troops were sent ashore, the ship hit a mine but made its way back to England; Woody was routed through London toward Glasgow, Scotland, toward the United States.
On a song manuscript dated 'July 13th, 1944', Woody wrote, 'this train is carrying me outside from London now; on up towards Belfast, and Glasgow.'

While in London, he went to the offices of the BBC where he introduced himself as a member of The Martins and the Coys [produced by Alan Lomax for the BBC in late March 1944, broadcast by the BBC on 26 June 1944] and was given the opportunity to sing on the Children's Hour. After an autobiographical statement, he was recorded singing with his guitar accompaniment two railroad songs."

Tracklist (2 tracks in one part):

01: Wabash Cannonball
02: 900 Miles (this is the minor-key melody that Cisco made popular)
Woody Guthrie - BBC "Children´s Hour", London, July 7, 1944
(Low bitrate, but I think a good quality for 1944.)

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manuel hat gesagt…

Woody Guthrie hay muchos trabajos que no se pueden descargar de Woody Guthie, Gracias desde punta arenas chile gracias por su trabajo

zero hat gesagt…

You are welcome, Manuel!

Bob Mac hat gesagt…

Rare recordings, thank you.

zero hat gesagt…

Always welcome!

rev.b hat gesagt…

About as honest as there is. Thank for this rare recording. Someone has real treasure in their attic/basement/closet.

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks for your feedback, always welcome!

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