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Mutabaruka & Scientist & Others - Dub Poets Dub (Heartbeat, 1983)

Dub poetry gives direction to the conscience through word and purpose. It is the voice of rebel poets like Mutabaruka and Malachi Smith, prophets with potent messages, who elevate as they educate.

As a dub poet, Mutabaruka (born in Jamaica as Allan Hope) inevitably inspires comparisons to Linton Kwesi Johnson, but where LKJ’s poems are often ironic and his delivery knife sharp, Mutabaruka’s work is more direct, thick with dread. Unlike Dennis Bovell’s gorgeous formal arrangements on Johnson’s LPs, Mutabaruka is more spontaneous. His poems dictate the musical direction — the rhythms jerk the band along. Suffice to say both artists derive from the same traditions of Jamaican poetry and music; if you like one, chances are you’ll like the other.

Mutabaruka has also produced other West Indian poets, with two significant compilations ("Word Soun’ ‘ave Power" and "Woman Talk") to his credit. The first also spawned the excellent "Dub Poets Dub", a companion LP of instrumental tracks.


A1 Fork And Hoe
A2 Death Row
A3 Cussin De President
A4 Illusion
A5 Blood Shout Dub
B1 Hide And Fine
B3 Anti-Klan Dub
B4 Land Control

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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