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Nico - The Marble Index (1968)

The quirky, orchestrated folk-rock of Nico's 1968 debut album, "Chelsea Girl", in no way prepared listeners for the stark, almost avant-garde flavor of her 1968 follow-up, "The Marble Index". The chanteuse presented an uncompromisingly bleak, gothic soundscape on her second album.

Dominated by spare harmonium and Nico's deep, brooding vocals, this album unveiled her singularly morose songwriting (her first record featured none of her compositions). Owing more to European classical and folk music than rock, it found little favor with 1968/1969 audiences. But like the work of the Velvet Underground, it proved to be quite influential in the long run on a future generation of black-clad goth rockers.     

2Lawns Of Dawns3:12
3No One Is There3:36
4Ari's Song3:20
5Facing The Wind4:52
6Julius Caesar (Memento Hodie)4:57
7Frozen Warnings4:00
8Evening Of Light5:33
9Roses In The Snow4:06

The original album was released in November 1968, tracks 9 and 10 are bonus tracks, mixed and engineered at Skyline Studios, NYC, May, 1990.

Nico - The Marble Index (1968)    
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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