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P. P. Zahl - Alle Türen offen (1978, Antagon)

Eight years ago, on January 24, 2011, the wonderful Peter-Paul Zahl died from cancer in Port Antonio, Jamaica.

Peter Paul Zahl was a German anarchist who turned author while spending ten years in prison in the 70s after shooting at a police man during a manhunt for terrorists. In 1985, he emigrated to Jamaica where he was granted Jamaican citizenship and worked as a stage director and writer.

May he rest in peace!

As a tribute to Peter Paul Zahl we present the album "Alle Türen offen" by the project "P.P. Zahl" (1978), which refers to the poet and anarchist Peter-Paul Zahl. Zahl was some kind of idol for the 1968 generation in Germany, as his anarchist and communist sympathies often got him in trouble with the law. This album was recorded during his longest stint in jail after he was caught with a gun. The album title ("All Doors Open") is an obvious reference to his incarceration, the lyrics are actually some of Zahl's poems.

The members of this ad hoc ensemble did actually have a respectable background in the politrock scene: They were recruited from Germany's "Oktober" and Austria's "Schmetterlinge" (who also represented Austria in the 1977 Eurovision Song Contest!). For example Willi Resetartis (vocals on "Meinen kultivierten Bekannten"), Schurli Herrnstadt (vocals on "Alle Türen offen") and Beatrix Neundlinger (flute) from the "Schmetterlinge" were part of the project.

All in all, "Alle Türen offen" is a very interesting album of complex polit-rock similar to "Oktober".
It was recorded in 1978, August, in the "Schmetter-Sound" studio in Vienna and was released in the same year on the "Antagon" label.

  • Meinen kultivierten Bekannten (P.P. Zahl/A. Hage) (2:57)
  • Ninguneo (P.P. Zahl/M. Iven) (22:45)
  • Alle Türen offen (P.P. Zahl/P. Robert/H. Schwarz)
    1. Hinter der dunklen Seite des Mondes (4:24)
        2. Zurückgebombt ... (6:40)
        3. Dynamos (4:32)
        4. ... in die Steinzeit (4:52)
        5. Alle Türen offen (4:50)   
P. P. Zahl - Alle Türen offen (1978, Antagon)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

Thanks a lot to for bringing up this lost gem of the german speaking polit rock scene!

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-Otto- hat gesagt…

Thank you, zero and mutant-sounds! Just a question that may be slightly related: Do you have any lead about the Unsere Stimme/Trikont LP by Bruno Eck/Eckardt? I used to have that one many. many years ago and lent it out auf Nimmerwiedersehen. I wonder if you could help me with a Wiederhören. Thanks, zero!

zero hat gesagt…

Do you think about the album "Lieder gegen Angst und Unterdrückung"? I have a vinyl copy - hopefully not the one you lent out - and a mp3-version of that album. Will post it in the next days on the blog. Greetings!

-Otto- hat gesagt…

Das wäre toll. I'm not entirely sure about the title of the LP I used to have, but any Bruno Eck album is a rarity, no matter what, and Bruno had the right "oumpf" back then. TIA! And let's hope for a new year that outperforms the lousy year that 2014 turned out to be. Maybe it's the alignment of the stars, or maybe it's just the "oumpf" we need to put back into it.

-Otto- hat gesagt…

Just checked the cover images that I could find on the web, and I'm pretty sure that album is "it" (my long lost LP, that is). I know you usually don't do lossless posts, but your rips are clean and crisp higher quality mp3s, so I'm totally fine with that. Nochmals besten Dank dafür, dass Du die Eck Scheibe wieder aufgefunden hast.

zero hat gesagt…

Sehr gerne! Greetings!

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