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Yabby You - Conquering Lion (1975)

Making his first recordings at the dawn of reggae's roots era, singer/producer Vivian "Yabby You" Jackson represented one of the new music's most important young voices. This self-produced album for the singer's Prophets label stands as his most powerful statement.

Along with singles like the Abyssinians' "Satta Massa Gana" and Burning Spear's "Door Peeper," Yabby's "Conquering Lion," "Warn the Nation," and "Run Come Rally" hailed a new sound (deep roots) and a new sensibility (Rastafarian). All are collected here along with lesser-known material that is just as essential.

Though a devout Rasta, Yabby's belief system replaced the faith's savior, Haile Selassie, with Jesus Christ, taking to heart the biblical psalms as well as the apocalyptic Revelation of St. John the Divine. From "Conquering Lion's" opening portent "Run Come Rally" to its closing adage "time longer than rope/and time gonna catch up on you," Yabby refuses to dilute his message. There's no lover's rock here, just Jah truth and wisdom Prophets style. The singer delivers the god-fearing warning of "Jah Vengeance" like he's seen the future himself. Likewise, everything from his attacks on the greed and sin that prevail in Babylon to praises of Jah and cries for justice speak of an unwavering conviction. Propelling his lyrics are the finest rhythms of his career. "Conquering Lion" and "Jah Vengeance" in particular would spawn numerous re-cuts over the years, including multiple dubs by the great King Tubby, sax versions by Tommy McCook, and DJ sides by Trinity, Dillinger, and Big Youth. Along with "Run Come Rally," "Anti-Christ," and "Warn the Nation," they would form the foundation of the dub classic "King Tubby's Prophecy of Dub". "Conquering Lion" is essential roots and one of the finest reggae albums from any era.     

Run Come Rally
Jah Vengeance
Conquering Lion
Covetious Men
Anti Christ
Carnal Mind
Jah Love
Love Thy Neighbour
Love Of Jah
The Man Who Does The Work

Yabby You - Conquering Lion (1975)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Agreed. About as perfect a roots reggae LP that one can find. Thanks much and thanks for keeping your links alive....

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You are welcome!

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