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The Klezmorim - First Recordings (1976 - 1978)

Klezmorim was one of the first of the revivalist bands to play klezmer, the traditional dance music of the Eastern European Jews. During the twelve years that the group was together, Klezmorim brought a good-humored, theatrical approach to their fusion of traditional Eastern European Jewish music, jazz, improvisation, street music and worldbeat.

"First Recordings" collects works from the first three years of recordings by the Klezmorim. Taking the whole of their second album, "Streets of Gold", there are five or six tracks added from the time of the "East Side Wedding" sessions. 

The sound is mostly reminiscent of the earlier days of klezmer, with small amounts of forward directions present here and there. As it happens, the concept was to work solely with the traditional forms, so the modern elements were phased out over time (as one might note a bit as the album progresses, though not so noticeably). 

It's enjoyable klezmer, with much of the fire of the old days of the genre, but without so much of the intensity of the newest generation of players and fusionists. The band is at its best when stripped down to a large horn section and pounding through the layers of ageless klezmer. As an added bonus, Robert Crumb provides the cover art. Give it a listen for the exuberance of the music and as a piece of musical history signaling the revival of klezmer and heralding its move into the avant-garde and jazz domains.


1 De Zilberne Khasene 3:13
2 Cintec De Dragoste 1:22
3 Hora Lui Damian 2:07
4 Thalassa 3:39
5 Fidl Volach 3:00
6 Medyatsiner Waltz 2:10
7 Sherele 3:02
8 Mayn Rue Plats 3:03
9 A Glezele Vayn 3:03
10 Bayn Rebns Sude 3:18
11 Lebedik Un Freylekh 2:40
12 Sirba / Hora 5:00
13 Doina 3:20
14 Papirosn 5:16
15 Firen Di Mekhutonim Aheym 3:04
16a Trello Hasaposerviko 3:42
16b Sonya / Anushke 5:44
17 Af Shabes In Vilna 2:00
18 Taxim 2:34

(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Thanks,i'm curious to hear this,i think they were an ispitarion for the 3 Mustaphas 3 in the 80's,one of my all time favs!

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