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Nico - Reich der Träume (Raritäten und Konzerte, Teil 1)

Among the many supposed "rarities" collections that litter Nico's discography, "Reich der Traume" intrigues in that it has no chronological or stylistic form whatsoever, but nevertheless hangs together in a way that renders it a fascinating sweeping-up of the lady's odds and ends. 

The title track, although presented in a so-called "trance" version, is simply a remix of a cut Nico recorded in 1976 with Lutz Ulbrich; elsewhere, a couple of studio demos and one U.K. radio session ("Saeta") capture Nico where she is at her most powerful, in the studio. The live recordings that consume the remainder of the disc are rougher and rawer, hewn not so much from a joy of performance as from a need to earn some extra money to fund her lifestyle of the time -- she isn't quite on autopilot, because many of the performances here are as spellbinding as they ought to be. But few Nico live recordings truly capture her at her very best, and these are no exception. That said, the collector will find a handful of tracks that would slip straight onto the imaginary box set that we have all compiled in our minds ("Mutterlein" is a prime example) and, although a better rarities collection could certainly be created by simply digging into the real rarities, this has enough high spots to at least begin scratching the itch.


1 Reich der Träume (Remixed Trance Version) 8:14
2 All Tomorrows Parties (Band Version With The Invisible Girls) 5:28
3 Das Lied vom einsamen Mädchen (Live In Tokyo 11.4.1986) 6:28
4 Femme Fatale (Live In Tokyo 11.4.1986) 4:02
5 60/40 (Live In Tokyo 11.4.1986) 6:38
6 My Funny Valentine (Live In Tokyo 11.4.1986) 4:01
7 Win A Few (Live In Budapest 25.10.1985) 8:47
8 Saeta (Live In Rotterdam 1982) 4:21
9 Fearfully In Danger Live Library Theatre Manchester 1980) 3:49
10 We've Got The Gold (Live Library Theatre Manchestrer 1980) 4:05
11 Mütterlein (Live Library Theatre Manchestrer 1980) 4:13
12 Afraid (Live Library Theatre Manchestrer 1980) 3:35
13 Your Voice (Studio Demo For The Proposed Follow-Up To "Camera Obscura") 5:41
14 The Sound (Studio Demo For The Proposed Follow-Up To "Camera Obscura") 4:51
15 Orly Flight (Live In Utrecht 1983) 3:20
16 Saeta (John Peel Session September 1981) 2:07

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Bob Mac hat gesagt…

thank you

Eric S. hat gesagt…

"the imaginary box set that we have all compiled in our minds" Shook. Honestly, shooketh. Have never thought of this and am intrigued...we need to get someone on this. What a thing that would be. Tbh, imagine if one were to compile box sets for each VU member...

zero hat gesagt…

Fantastic idea, let´s get started...

RK NOBLE hat gesagt…

hello, unheard i ordered both volumes of this. over the years i've explored the velvet underground EXTENSIVELY. amazing group of musicians and people. miss those who are gone. luckily i saw lou reed twice. incredible shows! r. keith noble

zero hat gesagt…

Had the chance to see a VU reunion show - it was still a great concert.

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