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VA - Billiger als Turnschuhe (L´Age D´Or Compilation)

By the mid 1990s, three bands met with great commercial success: Blumfeld, Die Sterne, and Tocotronic. The "Hamburger Schule" became known as the epitome of German Indie pop music. When other German guitar bands, whose music and lyrics were of a different style, were able to profit from this success, however, a new nationwide Indie pop scene emerged. The Hamburger Schule began to be marginalised by a movement which it had helped to create.As time went by, the term eventually encompassed such a broad spectrum of musical content that it could hardly be associated with a particular musical genre anymore. As the social links and political cooperations broke, it has begun to lose any meaning it once had.

By the end of the 1990s, there emerged a new wave of German guitar music with intellectual aspirations. Examples for this new generation of artists, who clearly tie in with the Hamburger Schule tradition, are Spillsbury, Kettcar, Erdmöbel, Kajak, Justin Balk, Virginia Jetzt!, Astra Kid, Modus Noa, and Tomte. They display a new musical homogeneity of punk-influenced guitar pop.Several small labels have sprung up to support this new musical current. Arguably the most important one is the Hamburg based label "Grand Hotel van Cleef" which, like "L'age d'or" seeks to be an enabler for local bands. It was established in September 2002 by Tomte's Thees Uhlmann and Kettcar's Marcus Wiebusch and Reimer Bustorff.

Here´s the compilation "Billiger als Turnschuhe" from 1992, collecting tracks from the "L´ Age D´Or" label:

01. Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs - Blindfeind Blues
02. Hallelujah Ding Dong Happy Happy! - So nice
03. Kissin Cousins - Kommen, komm (samtiger)
04. Carnival of Souls - Paradise Lounge
05. HUAH! - Der Krieg-Song
06. Die Regierung - Corinna
07. Vincent's Price - Zu kurz
08. Der Schwarze Kanal - Shout
09. Die Sterne - Jetzt nicht
10. Mastino - Das gläsernde Interview
11. Kolossale Jugend - Von hier zur Wand
12. We Smile - Can't resist
13. Die-Gants - Leathern
14. Maische - This Is Your Birthday
15. M.B.F.A feat. Das neue Brot - Mimikry-Fleisch
16. Wendelin - Anesthesia (betäubt)

VA - Billiger als Turnschuhe (L´Age D´Or Compilation)
(256 kbps, small front cover included)

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