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VA - Tropicalia Ou Panis Et Circensis (1968)

This is the compilation that helped to define the sound of Tropicalia, whose artists made huge and influential strides in creating exotic pop that was as influenced by psychedelia as it was by samba, bossa nova, and more traditional South American genres.

"Tropicália" not only includes tracks from the label's most important acts (Gilberto Gil, Os Mutantes, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa), but presents a large number of collaborations between these artists, many of which are simply amazing.

Given the fact that many of the original Tropicalia releases have not been reissued or are not widely available, the compilation stands as a near-definitive package for the sound, and a great opportunity for anyone unfamiliar with the artists to experience an amazing and hugely important genre.

The title of this record translates to “bread and circuses,” a phrase denoting cheap political handouts used to gather support. If you have any interest in the Tropicália movement, which was more recently popularized in the states by artists like Beck and David Byrne, "Panis Et Circenses" is the place to start. It’s the original and essential Tropicália comp. One that changed the world.

VA - Tropicalia Ou Panis Et Circensis
(192 kbps, front & back cover included)

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